Stargate Studios 'The Walking Dead' VFX Showreel

Stargate Studios 'The Walking Dead' VFX Showreel

As an avid zombie fan, I spend my days either killing zombies on the game console or watching them get hacked to pieces on tele (not to mention seeing one in the reflection of the mirror, the morning after a night of partying). One TV series which I'm sure most of you have heard of, is 'The Walking Dead'. Apart from the ghastly zombies and the characters of the show - one of the most common things people talk about is the lovely VFX. The talented guys at Stargate Studios are responsible for the VFX for The Walking Dead and they have just released their Season 2 showreel.

Enjoy, VFX/Zombie fans!

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Flora Ho
Fri 9 Mar 2012: 9:30am

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