Star Trek: Into Darkness comes to London

Star Trek: Into Darkness comes to London

Traditionally, we associate Hollywood with America, both from its location and also from the type of movies it produces; it's not uncommon to see the world saved by an all-American-hero on the big screen several times every summer.

The big studios, however, are starting to realise just how important - and lucrative - the international market is. Transformers; Revenge of the Fallen made more outside of the US than it did in, and other worldwide successes have come from movies such as the Dark Knight trilogy because studios are intentionally marketing outside of their borders.

Paramount recently spoke on how it's reboot of Star Trek didn't do as well abroad as they had hoped, despite the source material being so world renown, and how they have taken steps to rectify this for the upcoming sequel  Star Trek: Into Darkness. After hearing this it's certain we can look at the latest trailer in a new light; there is a heavy  emphasis on London being a major location, and the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch - who has risen to well-deserved popularity due to his brilliant performance in Sherlock - are moves clearly trying to get the attention to those of us this east of the Pacific.

Paramount have also planned numerous events planned over the world to try and generate interest, the latest of which being a surprise appearance of the Star Trek logo over the skies of London during last month’s Earth Hour. You can see the video of how they did it, above!

It's fair to say Paramount are putting a lot of effort into promoting the new Star Trek over here, but it shouldn't really be necessary; the first film was fantastic, and despite always being put off by the idea of Star Trek, I was hooked within minutes. We've got a big summer of films coming this year, but you should definitely check out Into Darkness when it comes out next month.

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