Spotlight On Escapee Evgenia Golubeva

Spotlight On Escapee Evgenia Golubeva

Evgenia Golubeva recently completed our animation course at Escape Studios and has put together one of the best student animation reels we have seen completed in just 6 weeks. Evgenia took full advantage of the Animation course and diligently completed all of the animation exercises, often working late into the evenings, and working relentlessly to improve her skills. Most of the shots on her reel have been taken from in-class exercises, but the way in which she has compiled the shots together into a single well-edited piece of work makes her reel far more entertaining to watch than a mere series of student shots cut together with music.

Some of my favourites are her simple biped walks - the animation is simple and uncomplicated and yet she manages to get an emotional response from the audience, which is always vital in creating good animation. Her lighting setups are also quite simple, but they are attractive and appealing.

Giving a memorable performance - once the basic techniques are mastered - is the single most important thing an animator can do. In the age of YouTube, audience attention spans are shorter than ever and it is really important to put together a snappy, tightly-edited reel that shows skill and talent and is above all entertaining. If you can make a future employer laugh - you are well on your way to being hired. Evgenia is about to start her first freelance job at PartizanLab which our Recrcuitment Team put her forward for.

I'll be running a webinar on Thursday called 'Acting for Animators' which is going to be ful of tips on how to bring your characters to life. You can sign up to it here.

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