Spot the CG...

Spot the CG...

After six weeks of intense Maya core, halfway through the VFX Production course, escapees gather in the break out space to present their work to their class colleagues, as well as to view the other studio classes projects.

About three weeks into the six week course, all students are given a project which implements all the skills they learn in class. This requires them to model, texture, light and render an object of their choice, then composite it into a photograph; attempting to make it as photorealistic as possible.

As you can see, the results from the recent classes were outstanding so here's a selection of some of the best work for you to admire, and we'd like to challenge you to spot the CG!

Pedro Duarte Nikon Camera

                           Pedro Duarte - Nikon Camera
 “So far I can say my experience at Escape has been very inspiring! We’ve got a very interesting grasp on the industry and the way things work in a professional pipeline, be it through the way the course is structured, or due to the experience of tutors themselves. Overall, it's been a very enriching process, even for someone with a fair bit of experience like me!” Pedro Duarte

Emmy Castelain Shoe

                          Emmy Castelain - Shoe Bidoe
“My experience at Escape has been very positive and educational one. It’s great to be surrounded by people who have the same interests as me. This has motivated me to do better and try harder, to reach the level of professionalism that is the standard at Escape. I’m now looking forward to completing and presenting my next project!” Emmy Castelain

Jean Paul Skaf - Lighthouse

                          Jean Paul Skaf - Lighthouse
"These past six weeks at Escape have been the best learning experience I've had. This project is still work in progress because they teach us to aim for perfection." Jean-Paul Skaf

Andre Giordani - F18

                          Andre Giordani - F18
“I am doing a full-time intensive course in Visual Effects at Escape Studios and I'm having a great time. I intend to enter the Film industry as a VFX artist and the course is an invaluable way to give a kick-start to my career. You have to dedicate a lot of time to your work which eats in to your private and social life, but the results are well worth it. You get mentoring and tuition from experienced industry professionals, and your work gets exposure online as well as to professionals working at post-houses. The staff are friendly and helpful and you feel like you're part of a team, as well as practising in a fast-paced deadline-driven studio environment. I still have a few months until I finish but time has flown by so quickly I will miss my time here when I finish. I would recommend the courses as Escape for anyone wanting to learn about modern CGI techniques and those interested in a career in Visual Effects.” Andre Giordani

Fran Lara - Sewing Machine

                          Fran Lara - Sewing Machine
“These first six weeks of learning at Escape Studios have been great for understanding all the little things you need to know to become a good Renderer, and produce amazing renders! For me, the best and the most satisfying moments of doing VFX are when you show your render to someone and they say, ‘Yes, it's a sewing machine, so what?" For when they do not notice that it’s a CG 3D model, then I feel like a great Artist!” Fran Lara

Sam Debevere - Vespa

                          Sam Debevere - Vespa
"The first six weeks of the Visual Effects course have been an amazing experience. Being surrounded by passionate and professional people has kept me motivated to aim for a higher level. I'm looking forward to completing the rest of the course after which I'm sure will be the starting point of a career in visual effects." Sam Debevere

You can check out a higher resolution set of pictures over on our flckr page, and if you would like to emulate this work and join one of our courses, simply contact one of our friendly advisors!

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