Spider Senses Are Tingling

Spider Senses Are Tingling

Last Monday night saw the premiere of the The Amazing Spiderman in Leicester square. Whilst the premieres are continuing elsewhere around the globe I thought I’d bring you a bit of information as to why we at Escape are excited for the latest installment from the Spiderman franchise.

As mentioned in my blog post yesterday, Spiderman is a comic book adaptation that has continuously been successful. One of the main reasons for this is that the storyline is often uncomplicated, but is always teamed with flawless visual effects which provide the audience with the tools to make them feel it’s almost possible to be Spiderman. (The only thing snapping us back to reality is the fact that no matter how hard we try we will never be able to jump off a building and live to tell the tale.)

So, what’s new about the latest release? Well, for one there are new actors, Andrew Garfield as Spiderman and Emma Stone as love interest Gwen Stacy, a new enemy to defeat, the Lizard, and then throw into that mix a new costume and new fight scenes and you’ve got yourself one hell of a movie! Prepare to see cars and vans being thrown around, webs being dispensed all over the city and the Lizard being a mix of CG and prosthetics.

The reboot seems to cover all unanswered questions that previous adaptations didn’t; Peter Parker’s family history, the role Oscorp plays and how Spiderman really became the man in the suit, along with all the gadgets.

Pixomondo was the main studio that worked behind the visual effects on this film, who have previously worked on Fast & Furious 5, Snow White and the Huntsman and, one of our favourites, Game of Thrones.

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