Special Compositing and Animation Open Days announced for November

Special Compositing and Animation Open Days announced for November

Once again we are going to be running a couple of course specific Open Days for those would like to find out more about our courses and the sort of training we offer here at Escape.

Animation Open Day with Alex Williams
Our Character Animation tutor, Alex Williams, understands better than anyone what a young professional artist needs to get started in the industry – after all, he continues to work in the industry while teaching at Escape Studios. Alex recently implemented some key updates to our Character Animation course that reflect some of the latest industry trends. As a result, our most recent students have created some fantastic work that he is going to personally showcase in this special Open Day.

It's the perfect opportunity for you to ask Alex as many questions as you want about animation in general and what you can learn on our course. This could be your first step into getting the job you dream of in the animation industry.

16th November 2011 - Register here

Compositing Open Day with Davi Stein
The integration between 2D and 3D is open to many discussions between compositors. There are lots of methods, some tried and tested, others brand new and revolutionary. In this Compositing Open Day, Davi Stein, our compositing tutor will talk about the integration with 3D workflows in the compositor’s role. Part of the talk will cover 3D camera tracking, Camera Projections, compositing complex 3D, 3D painting in MARI and the workflow with Maya.

Our Compositing Course uses industry standard programs such as NUKE but we know that technology software is in a constant state of flux so it’s important to understand the integration options available for your workflow. With the help of our 3D tutor, you will get clear examples of how you can make your day-to-day integration seamless. This Open Day is the opportunity for you to ask our expert compositing tutor anything about how you might be able to break in this industry.

23th November 2011 - Register here

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