Some Refreshing VFX

Some Refreshing VFX

As is often the case with our blogs, we saw something cool on the internet, and feel ever so compelled to share it with all you lovely clicking people!

Today, cool comes in the form of this bad boy of an advertisement, created by The Pond Studio, promoting the refreshing, Lemon and Orange Water.

From CG sparkles to some mid motion paint splashes, this Ad really reminds the viewer of the magic that VFX brings to a creative realm, expanding the possibilities of free thought, exponentially. It also reminded me uncannily of this blast from the past

Anyway, as if you won't enjoy this advert enough visually, you'll hardly be able to contain your excitement as (courtesy of The Pond Studio) I point you towards a breakdown of the VFX action. Mega!

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Robert Broadbent
Fri 7 Sep 2012: 11:00am

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