Some Christmas Inspiration!

Some Christmas Inspiration!

With the holidays so close by, it’s about time we continue our list of gift suggestions, and today’s slice of idea filled blog post, contains 2 fantastic lists that brim with quirky, unique and rather eccentric present ideas.

The first is for all those Tron fans out there, (I know some of you are reading!). Apparently, you can thank Disney for messing up yet another merchandising agreement - the result being that there is a plethora of high street goods now emblazoned with Tron gimmicks available for purchase this Christmas.

Some are more accessible than others – my personal favourite for example, are the awesome Adidas pumps with luminous stripes. I think it’d take a few years saving though if you were thinking of investing in the Tron motorcycle.

Second on our list of lists is the a selection of 50 presents for the illustrator/designer.

A few of my favourites from this eclectic collection of gifts, are the felt case for one’s collection of pens, the t-shirt that displays whether you’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot or not, and the murder ink notepad, complete with blood splattered pen – doesn’t make sense? Check it out!

This list is extensive and if you’re struggling to sort something for your 'arty' friends, no doubt you’ll find plenty of inspiration here!

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