Softimage Creatives: Launch Event Line-Up Released!

Softimage Creatives: Launch Event Line-Up Released!

Great news Softimage users out there… the line-up for the launch Softimage Creatives user group meeting has been released. And for those of you who are hoping to attend, I think you’ll agree this is a programme to get excited about.

Here’s the list of speakers and  topics for May 29th 2012:

  • Teodora Ilieva (Territory Channel Manager, Chaos Group) & Konstantin Gaytandzhiev (Master V-Ray Licensed Trainer, Chaos Group) - XSI and V-Ray
  • Paul Smith (Rigging and FX TD, Busty Kelp) - General ICE/rigging awesomeness
  • Mario Ucci (Art Director, Passion Pictures) & Rick Thiele (Art Director, Passion Pictures) - Discussing their approach to making the new Olympic spot for the BBC
  • Tom Bussell (Head of 3D, The Mill) - Insights into the production of The Mill’s Audi Hummingbird commercial
  • Jules Stevenson (Partner and Creative Director, Kettle Studios) - Learning to write shaders for Arnold
  • Amaan Akram (Senior TD, The Mill) - Demonstrating the use of his aaOcean Suite tools on a shot for a recent commercial
  • Anthony Martin (VFX Artist, Not To Scale) - Demonstration of the new emFluid Beta
  • Ciaran Maloney (Freelance FX TD, and Softimage Creatives team member) - Demonstrating the use of Exocortex’s Momentum in production
  • Rob Chapman (FX TD, Studio AKA, and Softimage Creatives team member) - Generating and rendering clouds in ICE

All these speakers will exhibit the techniques that work for them out on a daily basis, while also answering questions you may have on approaching certain challenges. This is going to be a great event for anyone who creates with Autodesk Softimage, allowing you to meet with peers as you network and share stories.

Some of the Escape Studios technology team will be there also, so make sure you come over to say hi… when you can tear yourself away from one of the many demo’s planned for the evening.

If you haven't registered yet, make sure you do soon. There's been a massive response already! Register here.

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