Snow White and The (very lovely) Huntsman

Snow White and The (very lovely) Huntsman

Last night my partner in crime (Fellow marketeer Ellen Payne) and I were fortunate enough to attend an exclusive premiere at Framestore’s in-house cinema to see Snow White and The Huntsman and wow – it was good. After a long busy day in work, I didn’t really have any expectations of how good the film might be (in fact, I was more excited about the possibility of an end-of-day cinema snooze). But no such luck, the film was awesome! And I sat wide eyed for the whole 127 minutes. As well as the dashing huntsman (Chris Hemsworth, Thor), the Visual Effects was nothing short of incredible. From the dark army made of a thousand shards of glass to the oil-dripping evil queen Ravenna and sparkling gold animated mirror, it really is a feast for the eyes.

Though a large chunk of the film was made in the US by the legendary Rhythm and Hues, DNEG, Pixomondo and The Mill all had significant roles. So imagine my surprise and delight when the credits started rolling to find that the Matchmove Supervisor was none other than one of our most talented female escapees, Amy Cuthbertson! In fact, there were lots of names I recognised – so well done to all of our graduates who worked on it. You’ve really done yourselves proud.

If you haven’t seen the film – GO – it’s really worth watching, you can check out the trailer here.

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