Small Soldiers - How was it done?

Small Soldiers - How was it done?

Small Soldiers was, no sorry –IS, in my book anyway - an awesome film, sure I may think that way because I’ve adorned it in a proverbial cloak of nostalgia, but regardless, I am part of a generation that found itself moved and entertained by the ongoing battle between the Gorgonites, led by the valiant Archer, and the antagonist Chip Hazard’s Commando Elite.

Although I didn’t think it possible, I was made to love this glimpse of my childhood just a little bit more this week, as I was sent this wonderful video showing how the film was shot, before CGI was commonplace and the Stan Winston Studios were summoned to create puppet versions of the creatures in the film, choreographing fight scenes to make them as lifelike as possible.

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Robert Broadbent
Thu 20 Jun 2013: 11:38am

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  • Ricardo Musch:

    That is awesome!
    Love the smooth movements!

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