Skillset Bursaries for Online Courses now Available

Skillset Bursaries for Online Courses now Available

If you're a TV professional who has always wanted to study Visual Effects, you can now apply for a Skillset Bursary to fund your online training at Escape Studios.  Bursaries are available to both employees and freelancers working in the UK TV Industry.

Application submission is now open so click here to take a look at the full Eligibility Criteria and check out all of the courses available as part of the scheme.

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Paul Wilkes
Tue 13 Apr 2010: 12:42pm


  • Tom Raynor:

    A question for anyone at escape who knows the answer...

    I was wondering how long these bursaries will be around for?

    The reason I ask is that I fall outside the criteria for application of having completed three or more projects for named production companies however I may meet this criteria depending on how long the bursaries are around.



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