Singing in the SNIKT!

Singing in the SNIKT!

So the Friday feeling has been spreading around the office a bit - we've had chocolates! - and I think it’s time to share some of it with you, our loyal reader.

Let’s be honest. I think we're all surprised that a musical based around Wolverine starring puppets didn't happen sooner. Fans have been screaming about it for years, studios have been clawing at the chance, rights have been bouncing around left, right and centre, and finally, gloveandboots, everyone's favourite puppet based YouTube studio, answered the call.

With cameos from Jamie Madrox and Hulk, Wolverine the musical hits all the right notes (yeah, I went there), and is sure to bring a smile to your face on this, the Fridayiest of Fridays.

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Ash Miles
Fri 2 Aug 2013: 4:44pm

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