SimCity Is Back on a Global Scale!

SimCity Is Back on a Global Scale!

Some of you may remember the incredibly addictive Maxis game, SimCity. If anything, you’ll remember the awesome tunes that accompanied your construction of cityscapes, with endless building potential. And for those of you with fond memories of this game, you’ll rejoice in knowing that the creators are taking it to a whole new level of development. SimCity is now global!

Nine years on since Maxis developed the last SimCity, computer technology has become a hell of a lot more powerful. And let me tell you, they have spent this time wisely. With the right technology behind them, now they can achieve all the things they were dreaming of since SimCity 4 - more detailed simulations for every car, building and environmental disaster. The look behind this new release takes inspiration from tilt-shift photography. This is where they take footage of a real city, and filter it to look like a miniature world - like a world you could reach into and touch. Giving the essence of a world that is smaller than you, but for once, one you can control. There’s something very comforting about that thought! This trailer gives a good example of the tilt-shift effect.

One of the great advances for this game is that it’s the first truly multi-player SimCity. The cities you build are connected through a region, and have a rippling effect across the greater SimCity world. Players can work together to manage disasters within a city, and help come up with the solutions to help cities prosper. Cities that are more infrastructure or culture focused will attract different players, depending on their area of interest, lending to the great sense of community within the game.

For newbies to this game, here’s an example of how certain simulations work. This video demonstrates how the new Glass Box engine is used to simulate a basic economic loop between residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

This version of the game won’t be out until February 2013, but at least that gives you lots of time to get all those other things you’ve been wanting to do out of the way. For anyone who has played this game…you do remember how addictive it is? New players, be warned. Time management is needed!

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