Silent Studios Show Our Students How CG and Digital Media Work Together

Silent Studios Show Our Students How CG and Digital Media Work Together

Silent Studios are by no means a big company. As a team of four, they are a tight knit unit comprising a Creative Director, a Music Director, an Art Director/Designer and a Composer. However, they have certainly made some noise (quite literally) in the world of digital media. The Creative Director, Nathan Prince, came to Escape Studios to talk to our classroom students about digital media and how CG is playing a massive role in what they do every day. Liam described Silent Studios as a design and music partnership that blends moving image, creative direction, graphic design, installation and musical composition. A little bit of everything then.

Liam opened with a line which I’ve heard lots of times before but one which is so true: "always hire people that are better than you". It’s a business strategy which has worked for them. It enables them to collaborate with some of the best in the industry and it has helped them deliver some pretty memorable projects. One of them was the creation of the ‘Air Guitar Championship’, a digital installation for the charity ‘Shelter’ to sponsor the John Peel stage at Glastonbury.  People were invited to try their hand at air guitar in a small booth and the team at Silent Studios came up with the everything from concept right through to the animation visuals. It simply rocked (excuse the pun!), and was one of the most talked about campaigns at Glastonbury that year. Silent Studios also spoke to our students about various other projects from Fashion (British Fashion Awards) right through to the creation of the Kasabian visuals on their latest ‘West Ryde Pauper Asylam Tour’.

The talk was really engaing and there’s no doubt that the guys at Silent Studios really opened our students eyes to the possibility of using CG within a Digital Media capacity. 

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