SIGGRAPH 2009 Round up

The games industry hogged the spotlight at this year’s SIGGRAPH. For the first time ever, two social games ran throughout the conference and SIGGRAPH’s annual CG showcase was spiced up with live games art and animation demos.

The winners of FJORG!, the "iron-animator" style competition, and GameJam!, the first video game competition, didn’t disappoint. Pretissimo created an impressive animated reel and travelled more than 30 hours to clinch the prestigious animator prize. There were some terrific 2D and 3D games created in the GameJam! show down and it was great to see examples of real-time rendering appear in the Computer Animation Festival.

In true SIGGRAPH style, the crowd were wowed by sneak previews of the latest CG technologies and techniques. One example of this was the new computer interface which uses ultrasound technology to make users ‘feel’ holographic images. This holds huge potential for games development for the future and the creation of special effects. There was also a big step forward for GPU rendering with the launch of VrayRT render, whilst zbrush also got an artistic boost with zspheres2 in zbrush.

For a long time now,  the gaming industry has been seen as 'the poor cousin' of the CG world so it's promising to see games art given such prominence at the world's leading CG show.

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