Side by Side - The Impact of Digital Cinema

Side by Side - The Impact of Digital Cinema

The other night I had a quiet evening at home and decided to have a flick through the documentary section of iTunes and see what was new.

I came across this intriguing film, Side by Side, narrated and produced by Keanu Reeves and featuring some of the most interesting film makers of the last thirty years.

It is a documentary about the demise of film and the introduction and advancement of everything digital, from acquisition and cameras through VFX to projection and the theatre experience. It was really interesting to get an insight into the way in which all manner of creatives and technicians view and use the technology.

What I found particularly interesting was how the rhythm of film making has been changed through the ability to shoot continuously and what this means to Actors and Directors. Before everything was concentrated into 10 minute bursts whilst film magazines were reloaded, now you can shoot almost indefinitely.

Well worth a watch particularly the interviews with Christopher Nolan who is very anti the whole thing.

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