Showreel Sundays: The best Escape reels all in one space!

Showreel Sundays: The best Escape reels all in one space!

If you haven’t already seen, every Sunday over the last few months, we’ve been uploading the showreel of a different escapee, aptly naming the day on our Social Media channels as #ShowreelSunday.

The feature has been met with a hugely positive reception so far, accumulatively, the playlist containing all the reels is pushing 2000 views, and the comments have been nothing but awesome. It’s one of the main reasons we just reached 3000 subscribers on our YouTube channel and it’s one of our favourite ways to show off how well our escapees are doing.

Of the more recent additions, we’re particularly excited about some of the work that’s cropping up from 3D students, their reels having been updated by work from some of the hottest post houses on the planet.

If you want to measure your skills against the industry standard, be sure to check out this playlist and see what is capable when you’ve studied with the best! 

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Robert Broadbent
Wed 19 Mar 2014: 11:13am

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  • SAVE:

    Wow!this is just fantastic news for all animation buffer...

  • SAVE:

    Its Beautiful animation effect, Just beautiful, keep it up..........

  • arohiroy:

    That's a very good news for animation world!!!!

  • Sourav Banerjee:

    This is a great opportunity to be a part of dreamworks animation

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