Shoot! New footage For Our VFX Course

Shoot! New footage For Our VFX Course

A few weeks back I took my class to the Natural History Museum so that we could generate some new footage which they could camera track with. It was lots of fun as they not only got to film live-action footage, they knew exactly what they would have to work with when getting back to the classroom. For me, keeping things fresh is important - and so filming new footage for the students to work with is a must. As you can see from the video, we're all pretty excited to be out of the classroom!

Our VFX course isn't just about learning the skills that you need to start working - well, it will give you those, but in addition, it will ensure you understand the end-to-end production pipeline. When you start working in the industry, it's good to know who's responsible for what as well as having an appreciation for the kind of stuff they have to do. Being out filming live-action footage really puts what we do as VFX artists into perspective.

If you'd like more info on our VFX for Production course, take a look at it here - or if you fancy a chat, contact one of our Training Team.

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