Sharing The Talent

Sharing The Talent

When you consider the people who work in animation and VFX, many are guilty of picturing the stereotype in their minds; a bunch of geeky men working in a cramped computer room to produce the stunning images we see on screen. And I write to you now, with a sigh of relief, knowing that this is actually not the case. The Visual Effects Society (VES) has uploaded a video to their website which shows the NAB 2012 panel, consisting of five women, sharing their views, opinions and experiences working in the industry. The panel includes: questions from Randi Altman with answers from Jenny Fulle, Gabby Gourrier, Joni Jacobson, Jody Madden and Sarah McGrail.

The panel opens with each member giving a brief overview of where they started, what they went on to do and some of the pieces they have worked on most recently (which include; Snow White and The Huntsman, Ted and James Bond). Each contributor explained what drives them, how they have grown into their current role and their tips on how to stay in an industry that is ever-changing and evolving. All five panalists highlighted the fact that support from those around them, both personally and professionally, along with grasping opportunities, was the key to success.

It’s also an incredibly encouraging panel, as they discuss how the industry is becoming much more appealing to women as its creative qualities are being pushed forward, instead of merely the technical side. As the panel states, you will need to know codes and technicalities but it also revolves around art, design and imagination. It’s not about race, gender or age, it’s about having a ‘talent driven workforce’; something we believe should always be remembered.

You can check out the full video here.

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