Shapes in Motion - Inspiring Animators

Shapes in Motion - Inspiring Animators

Shapes In Motion was founded in 2010 by Sarah Perry who is not just an actor but an acting and movement coach. Having met Sarah recently at Escape Studios I wanted to tell you more about the interesting coaching work she does with animators. Sarah has been working in the visual effects industry in various tutoring/coaching capacities on a freelance basis since 2008, with recent clients including MPC and Double Negative.

Sarah regularly runs acting and moment workshops for animators and she has one coming up in October 'Acting and Movement for Animators' & 'Character Movement- Effort Qualities' on Sunday 16th October 2011, 11am-2pm at the following address:

Moving Arts Base
Studio 10
134 Liverpool Road
N1 1LA
(Nearest tube: Angel - Northern Line)

Workshop cost £25 - please contact for further information/booking form/payment details.

As Sarah explains: 'I will lead a three hour workshop - centred on the theme of Effort Qualities. We will focus on the effort qualities; time, space and weight, and how these effect/contribute to how we move and how we can consider these concepts in characterisation and storytelling.

The workshop will introduce ideas that are fun, informative and explore new ways of 'seeing', in terms of looking at characters and in particular their movements. The aim of this workshop will be to introduce topics that will help the animator discover more about the subtleties of acting and how we can use movement analysis in the process of character development.

Through discussions, group work and observation exercises we will begin to discover and explore, as a group, how acting training for animators can add to an animator's set of skills. We will use exercises and study ideas particularly inspired by Laban, mixed in with a few of my own ideas inspired by many different acting and movement practitioners'.

For more info - or to book a session, click here.

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