Shapes In Motion: Acting & Movement

Shapes In Motion: Acting & Movement

Shapes in Motion are hosting some exciting new Acting & Movement for Animator’s workshops coming up in Sept, Oct and Nov 2012. 

Whatever your technique - cel and drawn, computer generated, stop motion, 2D, 3D CGI or motion capture - Shapes In Motion can offer you a variety of classes, workshops and courses tailored to your needs in both acting and movement training, designed specifically for animators.

Animators are storytellers, and through various themed classes and workshops the skills of great storytelling and the awareness of the subtleties of acting can be explored and developed.

The workshops will be both fun and informative, encouraging you to explore acting and movement for animators. Sessions will include a combination of; theory, practical exercises, discussions and group activity. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and feedback throughout the classes and optional time at the end of each scheduled class for further Q&A, discussion and the use of the space as you wish.

New Acting & Movement for Animator's Workshops - Sept/Oct/Nov 2012

September 24th - Gestures and Postures
October 22nd - Storytelling through Movement
November 26th -Creating a Character - The Actor's Way

Sadler’s Wells  (Studio C - nearest tube Angel, Northern Line)  7.15-9.30pm (plus optional 9.30-10pm; Further Q&A/DVD viewing/sketching/individual or group work of your choice)

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