• Sergio D'Innocenzo

Sergio D'Innocenzo


What made you decide to do the course at Escape Studios?

I was looking for a course that could put me on the right path to a career as an animator and I thought that Escape Studios was my best choice in terms of quality of the courses and connections with the industry.

What was the best thing about your course?

I found the course very inspiring. Besides all the theory and the exercises we did, we had the chance to have live drawing classes, acting and mime classes.  There were tours at studios and we watched a lot of reference videos and animation history videos. Although 6 weeks may not seem a lot for an animation course, we were able to cover all the principles and work on a lot of "hands on" exercises.

What was your tutor like?

It was a pleasure to know Jeff Pratt and have him as tutor. Not only he is a great teacher, he also is a passionate fan of animation itself and he provided a lot of fun and interesting stuff on the subject.

Also, as a 3D animator I'm a fan of Pixar and having the chance to know somebody who worked there for ten years was really exciting.

What are you up to now?

I am senior animator at TeamTO Studio, in France. We are working on a 26x12' 3D series for French TV.

What advice would you give to any current students at Escape?

My only advice is to take full advantage of all the resources Escape Studios has to offer!