Selby's App of the Week: Fancy that!

Selby's App of the Week: Fancy that!

Forget looking at silly pictures of cupcakes and sunsets on Pinterest, why not collect and organise images of stuff that you actually intend to eat, see, do or buy? Say bonjourno to Fancy, an app that lets you collect images of stuff you like, tag it, organise it, share it, buy it...BOOM! From the creators of, the Fancy app is available on iPad, iPhone and android and is completely FREE. Users can browse, shop and sell items they, well...fancy! You can flick through all things weird and wonderful from out-of-your-price-range sports cars and fancy gifts for your loved ones to vampire slayer kits, prosthetics limb covers and hot tub boats (no lie, it's a hot tub-boat!). This doesn't have to be an entirely self-indulgent experience either, share all those little discoveries on all the usual social media suspects to make sure everyone knows just how cool you are.

Fancy's interface is nowhere near as slick as Pinterest's - items are organised in a single-column format, as opposed to Pinterest's inviting, multicolumn design. However Fancy's "click and buy" feature is a big selling point (at least until Pinterest adds its own e-commerce feature), and if you're as impulse-buy-happy as I am this app could be as damaging to your purse (or wallet) as amazon or eBay!

Happy shopping!

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Emma Lee
Mon 13 Aug 2012: 10:40am

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