Selby's App of the Week: Get 360-Degree Snap Happy with Photosynth

Selby's App of the Week: Get 360-Degree Snap Happy with Photosynth

It's a well known fact that the iPhone camera is pretty cool but there's always been a certain je ne sais quoi missing from its camera interface. Granted it does make taking a quick pic a breeze but there isn't much on offer in terms of customisation or creativity. That's where Microsoft's Photosynth app comes in. This versatile panorama app automatically stitches vistas out of your iOS device camera's images.

With one small pan of your iPhone or iPad (4th gen) the app will automatically create a beautiful panorama by sensing when it needs to capture another scene and blending the results.

While there are a plethora of apps out there that do a competent job at stitching photos together, Photosynth is in another league entirely. Not only does it help you capture shots but it combines them flawlessly. What's even more amazing about this app is it's complete fool-proof userface yet practically professional and quality results. Just fire up the app, snap, stitch and BOOM! Instantly you will be creating 360-degree panoramas.

It comes with all the usual social media aspects - spying on other people's panoramas and posting your own to Facebook for a bit of showing off. You can pan around the view from within the app and then upload it to Microsoft's service. Each vista also gets exported to your Camera Roll, though not as a pannable image (can't have it all!).

Photosynth definitely fills the void in iOS's camera offering and what's more, it's FREE so get involved now!

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