Second dose of Sin City on the way!

Second dose of Sin City on the way!

So aside from the other movie news that can, for the next couple of hours at least, remain in a galaxy far far away, there is an excellent cinematic prospect around the corner, as it surfaced online this week that the Sin City sequel has started shooting. It appears there is still some casting to be done though…

Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke are all confirmed faces for this sequel, but Clive Owen’s role as Dwight is leaving fans speculating the arrival of another actor, given that his character is set to receive reconstructive facial surgery as part of the saga. The recent passing of actor Michael Clarke Duncan will mean that the role of Manute will have to be recast, and there is still a question mark hanging over the head of ‘the dame to kill for’, ‘Ava’, which was originally cast for, and subsequently turned down by, Angelina Jolie.

Despite all these uncertainties, I say with some degree of certainty that Robert Rodriguez will be delivering another fantastic slice of Sin City pie to cinema screens around the world, come its release in late 2013.

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