I suspect that readers of the Escape Studios Blog will not be the type to rush out to the big screens to see Spy Kids 4D. Or at least admit to it...

Having the excuse of being a dad, I went to see it during the school holidays. I was under the impression it was the 4th film, I missed the '4D' part. And yes, of course we were each given a scratch-and-sniff card and assured that this experience was amazing. There were eight scratch-and-sniff scents on the Aroma-Scope card. How exciting!

To my surprise it was amazing!

My two children and I didn't stop laughing all the way through the film, nor did the other four people in the cinema. Sadly, we were just laughing at the scratch-and-sniff cards. Each of the eight scents did smell... but exactly the same and of nothing related to what was on screen. It's a bit rubbish but hey, you have to have take the fun where you can!

We clearly weren’t the only ones who had this experience!

As for the film itself, no comment...

If anyone else wants to admit they went to see Spy Kids, please tell me your Aroma-Scope card worked!

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Mark Cass
Wed 7 Sep 2011: 12:57pm

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  • Mark Cass:

    Hi Eduardo,

    That sounds like such great fun! We are not that advanced here sadly. I'm not going to make it our to Mexico any time soon so do you have a link to share for the place you go?

    Thanks again for sharing!


  • Mark Cass:

    Hey Eduardo,

    That sounds like really good fun! I'm not sure I'll make it to Mexico any time soon though. Is there a link to the place you go to?

    Thanks for letting me know :-)

  • Eduardo:

    Here in Mexico its different, the aroma comes out from the seat, also the seat its something like a bad rollercoaster where they move you a lot but with out ease in or ease out, the movement just hits you. Haha and they throw you water if the scene has water in it of course, its awesome when you have glasses and you just rinsed them before they threw water again. My girlfriend laugh a lot about how bad it was. You have to check it out for yourself at least once

  • Ataul:

    haha, did your kids put up a fight when you dragged them along? ;)

    The only scratch and sniff card that's ever worked for me was from British Gas to explain what leaking gas smelled like :(

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