SCRATCH: An All-In-One Tool for Post-Production Pipelines

SCRATCH: An All-In-One Tool for Post-Production Pipelines

Industry proven among some great names in the VFX industry, SCRATCH has played a significant role for an impressive list of film and documentary titles. Developed by software vendor, ASSIMILATE Inc., it is the highly flexible and comprehensive tool for digital workflows, giving you a range of features at your disposal. SCRATCH can manage dailies, versioning, conform, colour grading and finishing all within one application. Often referred to as a ‘post-house in a box’, this tool has a great many qualities to impress.

To find out more about this product visit our website. There are a variety of case studies that showcase examples of what SCRATCH can do. One more recent success story describes the work done for The Artist, where SCRATCH was used to emulate the look of a silent-era, B&W film from colour footage. No easy task I imagine.

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