Scene Stealers

Scene Stealers

Film4’s innovative new project ‘Scene Stealers’, is one that waters the seed of creative license, and thus, one that is screaming out to our free thinking, boundary smashing escapees. The project is an opportunity to get your work onto a global platform and represent the world of Visual Effects.

What's more, Joe Cornish, director of ‘ATTACK THE BLOCK’, has been appointed as the new project's ‘head of jury’, who will decide what does and does not qualify. Speaking about the project, he states: “Scene Stealers is a great idea. What better way to celebrate Film4′s amazing output over the last thirty years and to find some equally amazing new talent for the years ahead. I’m excited to be part of it and can’t wait to see what kind of creativity is out there”

Yesterday, one of the animated entries submitted had made it onto the website as one of the most popular entries so far. (It was magical realist scene steal from 2008’s ‘In Bruges’ and you can see it here.)

So, we were thinking, what better way to celebrate Escape Studios than to showcase our amazing new talent for the years ahead?

If you feel you are up to the challenge, present your work! The deadline for the competition is the 31st of July, and there are even more names to be announced for the jury in the coming weeks, so turn the ignition in the imagination on and get those Visual Effects brain cogs spinning! Apply here.

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