Scene Setters

Scene Setters

If you haven’t seen clips of Prometheus yet, or even the film itself, then you are either living under a rock or from Germany (release date is August 8th apparently – unlucky).

CG society released a news article describing how some of the shots in the films were made, which production houses were used and what software was bought in to create the different effects. The article describes how the use of Nuke, Houdini, matte shots and Cinema 4D, helped to produce the iconic scenes a variety of different shots, including the opening sequence and the storm.

It gives the reader an insight into the concepts of why these shots were made the way they were, what the outcomes were and how different production houses work. It’s an interesting read on how CG and raw footage shot on location can be merged to produce some incredible scenes.


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Tue 17 Jul 2012: 12:00pm

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