Save 16mm Film

Deluxe Soho labs, formely known as Soho Images, have ceased taking orders for the printing of 16mm film!!

The American company Deluxe, who bought out Soho images, no longer think that 16mm is a commercial priority, in line with their worldwide policy.

This is tragic news, as 16mm is still used by museums, artists and filmakers and it is one of the most important mediums of the last century.

Apart from 16mm film use needing to be preserved it has seen a revival in the last 10 years within the visual arts as it is still an important and very different medium to `Digital FIlm`.

There is a petition for the owners of Soho images to highlight the demand for 16mm printing to continue. 

Please sign and support this to help preserve the continued use of 16mm in this country.

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mark spevick
Fri 25 Feb 2011: 10:50am

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  • Jimmy Scratch:

    the last film I made using 16mm

  • laura:

    we love it - don't kill it!

  • Thomas Kumlehn:

    Send your 16mm rolls to ANDEC Filmtechnik in Berlin/Germany.

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