Salvador Dali and Disney: An Unlikely Collaboration

Salvador Dali and Disney: An Unlikely Collaboration

I came across a tidbit of trivia the other day about Salvador Dali that set me on a little 'surf fest' on this incredible artist. 

Before I forget, the bit of trivia was that Dali was the creator of the Chupa Chups logo and that he apparently drew it on the back of a paper napking - how Dali is that?!... That's one to remember for the next time I am being dragged into the village pub quiz.

One thought led to another and I found myself surfing the net and looking at all the work that 3D artists across the world have done based on Dali's incredible paintings - most of which feature the famous melting clock, as you would expect. I guess it makes total sense to use this as inspiration. After all, his creations had an incredible sense of drama, he loved using perspective and he had an uncanny ability to make inert objects come to life. I won't bother referencing any of these new 3D tributes here: a) there are simply too many, b) not all of them are very good... But if you fancy passing the time of day, just go to YouTube and search on Dali and 3D.

That's exactly what I did, and my musing took me to something I hadn't actually seen in a while and had totally forgotten about. It is a short film by Disney called Destino. The idea for this film was born back in 1946 when Dali and Disney were collaborating to make this happen. But the film itself wasn't actually created until 2003.

You can see it here.

I love the retro/kitsch feel of it, and the song (which goes by the same name of 'Destino') is beautiful. I have to say, I quite enjoyed watching it again. Not sure how many of you know it, but I thought you might enjoy it too - so I am embedding a link to it on this post. 

I am not entirely sure I get the narrative of this short - or even if there is anything to get - but I really like the overall piece.

Before I finish, I wanted to show you another funny piece by Dali which marked my childhood. It's Dali advertising a French brand of chocolate called Lanvin. I have to admit that as a small girl I was petrified of it. For those of you wondering what he is saying, the translation is: I am mad about Lanvin chocolate.


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  • jrulier:

    Thanks for the link to the animation... of course a good one though the baseball guy is out of place...

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