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Ryan Smith


FAVOURITE MOVIE ONE LINER: It isn’t really a clip but a cinematic trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts. A few of my colleagues at The Mill got to work on it. For me, it's VFX at its best. Check it out here >>

PROJECTS : My favourite project to date has to be working on the Christmas special of Doctor who 2012, because I got to animate the snowmen for the show. This was quite simply, awesome!

WHY VFX? I chose to enter the VFX industry as I have a long term goal of becoming an animator. I took the position as a runner at the Mill and worked extremely hard to get known, making my passion and dedication known to as many of my peers as possible. The hard work eventually earned me a place at Escape Studios, which gave me the tools to work with some of the most talented and professional artists I have meet.  I’ll be honest; I don’t know how long it would have taken me to get that promotion if it wasn't for the training at Escape, who knows!

ABOUT? Aside from working in VFX, I recently got engaged to my long term lady, I had promised her that once I become and artist, I’ll propose! Otherwise I play Basketball, hit the gym, and play Xbox with some of my closest friends and family. More or less every weekend  I spend my Sunday morning, first thing, animating something new or working on my personal short that I have created. So watch this space!

Ryan's Top Tips

1) For those who want to enter the VFX field I would personally recommend starting out as a generalist,  I feel that the industry at the moment is looking for more Jacks than Masters! 

 2) As cheesy as it may sound if you want it that bad go and get it, period!  It’s such a competitive market and it’s extremely cut throat. I feel that there is a difference between skill and talent, know which one you have and use it to your advantage.

3) Absorb as much information as you can and network and put yourself out there. Also, any Soho pub on any Friday is a great place to meet other people within the VFX industry!