RWBY Returns!

RWBY Returns!

Hello folks, it's been a while hasn't it? Seems like an age since I last clamoured around the blogosphere. Well, here I am, making a triumphant return for your pleasure and amusement to talk once again about the amazing online show - RWBY!

 A year ago, I wrote my last web series spotlight on RWBY, the fully CGI anime series from Rooster Teeth, talking about how awesome it is. Now returning for Volume 2, RWBY has upped the laughs, action, and production value and become even more incredible than it was before!

Volume 2 kicks off with a full 15 minute first-rate feature flaunting the most fantastic food fight you'll ever see, and I especially loved how the characters made their signature weapons out of the food around them! It's clear that RT arn't pulling any punches this year; more characters, more over the top fighting and more villains promise that RWBY Volume 2 is the web show to watch this summer - and I should know, I watch most of them :)

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Mon 28 Jul 2014: 1:13pm

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