Rushes Lead TD Mark Pascoe talks to Escape Students

Rushes Lead TD Mark Pascoe talks to Escape Students

This week Escape is very pleased to welcome Mark Pascoe from Rushes to speak to our current classroom students. Mark joined Rushes 5 years ago off the back of the Visual Effects Production Grade course at Escape, doing the Maya comprehensive course before that. He is currently in the Film and TV department at Rushes, taking up a technical role on projects. He has also been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Series.

The talk will be about the screen adaptation of HG Wells' First Men in the Moon. Rushes turned around over 300 shots in under 3 months (including 90 creature shots). He will be chatting through the breakdowns of some of the extensive 2D and 3D shots and matte paintings. Mark's role on the project was Lead TD, and he will be talking about the technical aspects of his role including all the rigging and pipeline scripts. This will be a great opportunity for our current batch of escapees to get an insight into the industry.

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