News Round-Up: Monday 9th Jan 2012

News Round-Up: Monday 9th Jan 2012

First week back at work and it's as if Xmas was months ago. The news certainly kept on coming this week, and here is a quick summary of what I picked up on this week.

How to use Unity 3: a free tutorial to get you started
from 3D Artist Magazine
Unity is a free game engine for everyone. It’s free because Unity Technologies wants people to be able to use it to make money, so when you download the free version of Unity 3 you have the license.

3D World 152: Create fire, water and more!
from 3D World Magazine
The latest issue of 3D World includes tips and techniques for real-world simulations such as fire, water and outer space.

Create a landscape from map data in 3ds Max
from 3D World Magazine
Simon Moir shows you how to enhance arch-viz exterior renders with landscaping based on real-world locations

Nvidia releases Maximus
from 3D World Magazine
Maximus isn’t a new product, it’s a new technology – a new way to use Nvidia’s existing Quadro and Tesla products together within the same workstation.

Mara3D introduces an exciting art reference app
from 3D World Magazine
Looking for good 3D reference while you’re on the move? Mara3D’s David Giraud – Male Anatomy app provides a figure for you to play with

Five Animated Features Make the BAFTA List
from Animation World Magazine
The long list of nominees for this year’s Orange British Academy Film Awards were revealed yesterday. The BAFTA Animated Feature category includes The Adventures of Tintin, Arthur Christmas, Gnomeo and Juliet, Puss in Boots and Rango.

French 'Tableau' Offers Artistic Alternative
from Animation World Magazine
This holiday season, French animation fans had a chance to check out a more unusual home-grown animated movie as well as the global blockbusters such as Puss in Boots and The Adventures of Tintin.

Lupus and Channel 4 Prep 'Snowman' Remake
from Animation World Magazine
Lupus Films and Channel 4 are planning a new version of the classic animated holiday special The Snowman, according to The Daily Mirror.

A tour of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley set
from Den of Geek
The Harry Potter film and book series may be over, but in addition to the newly announced LA park and expanding Orlando attraction, residents of Harry's native UK are getting the real thing; the sets of the newly completed film franchise, opened up for fans’ enjoyment from this spring.

The Mill makes Audi hum
from VFX Blog
In Audi’s A6 Avant ‘Hummingbird’, directed by Daniel Barber for BBH, a mechanical bird ventures along a surreal country road.

Make yourself look like Steve Jobs in Blender
from CG Channel
See curiously disturbing digital make-up tests from Mango, the new Blender Foundation open movie.

University application late surge
from The BBC
There has been a late surge in university applications for the UK, Ucas says, but total numbers are still down on this time last year.

Private science university plan
from The BBC
A new type of privately-funded science and technology university has been announced by the universities minister.

Why we should look east for lessons in education
from The Independent
The phrase "Go West Young Man" has lent itself to the English language for the past 160 years.

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