News Round-Up: Tuesday 3rd Jan 2012

News Round-Up: Tuesday 3rd Jan 2012

It's been a while since my last News Round-Up... Hopefully, you will all be rested after this holiday season and rearing to go. So, to get you going, I have selected a whole bunch of news items which have been published over the last couple of weeks.

Krakatoa MX 2.0 released
from 3D Artist Magazine
Krakatoa MX provides an efficient pipeline for particle acquisition, caching, modifying, deforming, shading and rendering in 3ds Max

Free VRay training
from 3D Artist Magazine
This quick Q&A workshop will explain some of the options contained within the CarPaintMtl material and, hopefully, how to yield good results.

Hardware review: Workstation Specialists RS-D2600
from 3D World Magazine
Independent 3D content creators and small companies can be stuck between a rock and a hard place. A high-end workstation with strong rendering as well as modelling will be a relatively major expenditure, and won’t be available for further design work while outputting.

A Merry Noel from Akama Studios
from 3D World Magazine
French post-production facility Akama Studios has just released this latest festive commercial for telecommunication provider Orange.

Short Cuts: The Last Train
from 3D World Magazine
The Last Train is the first production from the Animation Hub – a collaboration between animation studio Giant Creative and the staff and students of the Irish School of Animation at Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE) and the Graphics Vision and Visualisation group at Trinity College Dublin.

A Stealthy and Seamless War Horse
from VFX World Magazine
Framestore's Ben Morris describes how they managed to make us believe they never touched a shot in Steven Spielberg's Oscar contender.

Spielberg Talks Tintin
from VFX World Magazine
Steven Spielberg tells us about the journey to make his first animated feature.

Melancholia: when worlds collide, beautifully
from VFX World Magazine
fxguide talks to 'Melancholia' VFX sup. Peter Hjorth, plus Platige Image and Pixomondo, about the visual effects for Lars von Trier's film.

The Artist review
from Den of Geek
A period romance shot in the style of a silent-era classic, The Artist is an outstanding, one-of-a-kind film, Ryan writes…

Finally! Disney confirms The Snow Queen, coming in 2013
from Den of Geek
A long-lost Disney animated project is firmly back on the roster, as The Snow Queen becomes Frozen, and gets a 2013 release date...

The 10 Best Visual Effects Scenes of 2011
from Death Fall
Popular Mechanics' list of the best visual effects of 2011.

Welcome to Hoxford and Sirius Buisson
from Death Fall
Production VFX Supervisor Sirius Buisson talks about the VFX on the short film Welcome to Hoxford.

Chicken with Plums and Atelier VFX
from Death Fall
Visual Effects Supervisor Damien Stumpf talks about the VFX on the french movie Chicken with Plums.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - First Trailer
from Death Fall
The Wait is over! We can see the first trailer of The Hobbit.

Review: Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro
from Studio Daily
This Incredibly Fast 64-bit Planar Tracker Will Help Any Facility Save Time Changing Elements in Even the Most Complicated Scenes

Watch the making of the 10 best VFX ads of 2012
from CG Channel
The team at fxguide has put together a great article on the 10 best VFX TV ad spots of 2012.

Autodesk acquires mystery tech from T-Splines
from CG Channel
Autodesk has bought undisclosed assets from T-Splines, the developer of the T-Splines modelling technology. So far as we can tell, the company itself has not been acquired.

E-on software releases free versions of Vue 10
from CG Channel
For testing purposes, at least. Check out the Vue 10 PLE and Vue 10 for 3D Artists Trial Version here.

The most popular education stories of 2011
from the BBC
What education stories did you really want to read about during the year? Announcements that were so compulsively interesting that they had to be re-announced several times? Big ideas from big thinkers with big ambitions? Politicians kicking sand in each others' faces?

U.K. online university offers help for U.S. colleges
from Washington Post
The United Kingdom is exporting to the United States an online remedy for one of the biggest challenges to getting students to go to college: fear.

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