News Round-Up: Monday 5th Mar 2012

News Round-Up: Monday 5th Mar 2012

Here is my usual jumble of news to start off this week. There are tutorials, news of various software releases, a cool "Making of Rango", and really sweet advert for Twinnings tea, and lots more. Feel free to add anything I may have forgotten.

modo 601, the new feature-packed full release from Luxology
from 3D Artist Magazine
Modo 601 delivers character animation, dynamics, modelling and rendering enhancements, plus a tonne of workflow improvements. Prepare for an epic features list!

3D Artist interview: Matt Roussel
from 3D Artist Magazine
Many will recognise Roussel’s work from popular CG forums and community websites. One of the first things that strikes you about his art is its originality and impressive use of colour.

Free 3ds Max tutorial: Abstract art
from 3D Artist Magazine
Abstract compositions within 3ds Max offers limitless artistic freedom. You can choose from many different tools that the software offers to achieve a nice result. In situations like this, your imagination really is the limit.

Advice for freelancers: payment rates
from 3D Artist Magazine
3D Artists Henk Dawson, Neil Maccormack and Paul McCrorey offer their advice for quoting freelance commission costs.

CGarchitect founder comments on the future of arch-vis
from 3D Artist Magazine
Jeff Mottle, founder and CEO of, talks to 3D Artist about a decade in business, and shares his thoughts on the future of the arch-vis industry

IKinema ships IKinema Action 2 for Maya
from 3D World Magazine
Kinema has launched an update to its motion capture plugin for Maya, IKinema Action 2.

The making of Rango
from 3D World Magazine
VFX shop ILM took a bold step into feature-length animation with Rango and its paid off, bagging an Oscar for Best Animated Feature!

Blender 2.62: see the new features video online
from 3D World Magazine
Watch the New Feature Tour video and get up to speed with the new features in Blender 2.62 quickly and easily.

Check Out Exclusive ‘Tintin’ Behind-the-Scenes Clip
from Animation Magazine
Paramount Home Entertainment has offered us an exclusive new clip from its upcoming release The Adventures of Tintin, which will be out on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD, On Demand and Digital Download on March 13.

Twinings Tea advert
from Imagine Animation
This stunning advert is getting a lot more air time than its allotted 60 seconds, and is tipped for success in the upcoming award season.

3D conference returns to MIPTV bigger than ever
from 3D Focus
Europe’s largest television market will be hosting another 3DTV conference which is set to be its biggest yet. Details of the MIPTV 'Focus on 3DTV' conference.

Is 3D cinema losing its appeal?
from 3D Focus
A recent study by global industry analysts, Rentrack EDI, would suggest that in the UK 3D cinema is indeed losing its appeal, with a little over a fifth of box office sales for 3D films in 2011, compared to 27.5% in 2010.

Wacom's Inkling In Review
from Renderosity
Intrigued by a recent product from Wacom, that is not a tablet, but something that can be utilized by the artist-on-the-go, I had to take a closer look.

Smirnoff "Purified" TVC by Animal Logics
from CG Record
This film features star players Ferdinand, Park, and Giggs of Manchester United in a surreal football game for Smirnoff & JWT.

Big question: what computer skills should be taught in schools?
from .net
The recent announcement that Britain's national school curriculum will soon include a computer science course that teaches coding has been met with much excitement.

Degrees 'not for working classes'
from the BBC
Attempts to encourage children from poorer homes to go to university have failed, according to a study.

Helping UK pupils into Ivy League
from the BBC
Summer schools will help disadvantaged youngsters in the UK apply to top universities in the US.

Government report says all students should sign up for internships
from the Independent
Every student should go on an internship giving them up to 12 weeks of work experience while they study for their degree, a top-level government inquiry recommends today.

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