News Round-Up: Monday 5th Dec 2011

News Round-Up: Monday 5th Dec 2011

Here is my usual Weekly Round-Up of News, with stories that I have picked up over the past week. If you have suggestions for stories I missed, just drop me a line or post a comment.

Bobby Chiu and Coro Kaufman release new books
from 3D Artist Magazine
Bobby Chiu‘s ‘The Perfect Bait’ is dedicated to helping artists discover their natural style and create demand for their work

3Dconnexion releases the SpaceMouse Pro
from 3D Artist Magazine
Whether you’re working in media and entertainment. architectural visualisation, product design or mechanical engineering, the 3D mice in the 3Dconnexion line up have been designed to improve comfort and offer a more productive workflow for all.

Interview: Javier Edo on Forger
from 3D World Magazine
Forger is the brainchild of Javier Edo, a Pipeline TD at Double Negative. By day he works writing tools for various departments for upcoming films, by night he enjoy sculpting characters and working on his own projects.

LWCAD 4.0 released
from 3D World Magazine
Software developer WTools3D has released the latest version of its modelling plug-in for LightWave.

French TV Animator Bruno Bianchi Passes Away
from Animation Magazine
We were saddened to receive the news of the death of leading French TV animator Bruno Bianchi this morning at the age of 56

Animated 'Little Prince' Begins Reign on Rai
from Animation Magazine
Beginning on Dec. 10, viewers in Italy will be able to enjoy the new CG-animated series based on Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s timeless classic The Little Prince, on the Rai 2 network.

"Lost" Disney Film Hits Auction Block
from Animation Magazine
The only known copy of Walt Disney’s film Hungry Hobos, thought lost until recently, has been rediscovered in a social history film archive in Herefordshire, U.K. and will be a highlight in the Entertainment Memorabilia auction at Bonhams in Los Angeles this December 14.

Aardman Creates Promo for ITV's Text Santa
from Animation Magazine
ITV has begun airing a new animated promo for its charity initiative Text Santa created by Aardman.

StretchMesh for Maya to be made open source
from CG Channel
Kickstand to release source code for cult deformation plugin, but calls for funds to secure its future support.

Peregrine Labs ships Yeti: new fur plugin for Maya
from CG Channel
Powerful new tool offers topology and texture UV-independent grooming for use in VFX pipelines.

Making of Volkswagen Hedgehog
from CG Daily News
Few days ago, a post production service company based in France AKAMA Studio Released the Volskwagen Hedgehog Commercial and today They have just posted the Making of video.

Create ray traced 3D Text logo design online, free!
from CG Society
For the first time ever online, it's possible to create a Logo Design using ray traced 3D technology.

Lots of new pictures from the Doctor Who Christmas special
from Den of Geek
Take a closer look at The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe, this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, right here...

Jose Padilha reveals more details on the RoboCop remake
from Den of Geek
Just what tone is the reboot of RoboCop set to take? Director Jose Padilha has revealed just a little more...

Martin Scorsese on 3D
from Den of Geek
Hugo is a film that’s getting plenty of positive buzz ahead of its UK release this coming Friday. And, on the publicity trail for the movie, Martin Scorsese has been expressing his love of 3D.

A tribute to the work of Ken Russell
from Den of Geek
Following the sad death of director Ken Russell yesterday, James looks back at his sometimes stunning body of work...

Andy Serkis on Who Sends Him Hate Mail; Why Oscar Should Rethink Animated Category (Q&A)
from Hollywood Reporter
The "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and "Adventures of Tintin" actor talks to THR about "The Hobbit" and whether motion-capture acting should have its own category at the Academy Awards.

10 Hot Visual Effects Teams Reveal How They Made Movie Magic on 'Harry Potter,' 'Captain America,' 'Transformers'
from Hollywood Reporter
Some of the leading VFX supervisors share the unique challenges they faced in fashioning the year's most jaw-dropping (and delicate) spectacles as they prepare for the Academy bake-off.

'Tintin': Steven Spielberg says 'the medium isn't the message'
from LA Times
Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson talk about 'Tintin's spirit of adventure.

'Harry Potter' director David Yates looks to 'Doctor Who' future
from LA Times
What do you do after the magic is gone? The soft-spoken director said he was still trying to sort out his emotions as well as his ambitions, which include a "Doctor Who" feature film.

University tuition fees: Last-minute changes approved
from the BBC
About a fifth of England's universities have had their plans to change their fee packages approved weeks before the application deadline.

UK students switch to US universities
from the BBC
Within four years, a quarter of sixth formers at a leading UK independent school will be heading for universities in the United States.

University applications down 13%
from the BBC
UK universities appear to be facing a slump in applications ahead of the first year of higher fees, the university admissions body says.

Universities to cut fees – by £39 a year
from the Independent
One in five universities have been given the green light to reduce their fees next October. However, the impact of the reduction will be to reduce fee levels across the country on average by just £39.

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