News Round-Up: Monday 3rd Oct 2011

News Round-Up: Monday 3rd Oct 2011

Following on from last week's announcement about our Weekly Round-Up of news, here are the stories that I have picked up over the past week. If you have suggestions for stories I missed, just drop me a line or post a comment.

Free Photoshop Tutorial, Adding Realistic Shadows
from 3D Artist Magazine
A common postprocessing task in arch-projects is adding in various 2D assets to finish off the image. It usually involves scattering people to give a sense of scale to the scene, along with other things like trees, road signs and so on. These will all need shadows to "ground" them in the image.

Artist Interview: Tomas Muller
from 3D Artist Magazine
Tomas is a CG artist who works in advertising, creative retouching and matte painting.

Review: Frost 1.0
from 3D World Magazine
3D World tests the new meshing plug-in from Thinkbox Software

House of Moves Provides Mocap for Lexus Commercial
from 3D World Magazine
In the 30-second spot, titled "Light", the motion capture and animation company provided capture for the renowned car brand.

History Lessons in 3D
from 3D World Magazine
Digital agency Corporation Pop launches the 3D educational project Lives at War. Lives at War presents secondary school children with a 3D virtual world set in Brighton in the 1940s, with the aim to educate them on what life was like on the home front during World War II.

Italy's VIEW Confab Offers Tintin Sneak Peek
from Animation World Magazine
Turin's VIEW Conference, the Italian digital and computer animation event (Oct. 25-28) has added a special program devoted to the art and technology of Steven Spielberg's highly anticipated feature The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn.

Guru Brings Colourful Slate to Cannes
from Animation World Magazine
Guru Studio will introduce two new animated series and an animation anthology show at the MIPCOM market in France next week.

"Dead But Not Buried" Moxie's Win at Ottawa
from Animation World Magazine
Indie British animator Phil Mulloy's Dead But Not Buried won the Best Animated Feature Award at the 2011 Ottawa International Animation Festival this weekend.

Three 2D Toons Up for Euro Film Awards
from Animation World Magazine
Three artistic and beautifully drawn 2D animated features will be competing for the Best Animated European Film Awards this December.

Review: Digital Painting Techniques Volume 3
from CG Channel
3DTotal's guides to digital painting are getting to be something of a good habit, says Fernando Caire.

Autodesk Launches Cloud Services for Design Users
from CG Channel
Subscription customers to get free file storage plus online rendering, collaboration and analyis tools.

V-Ray for Softimage
from CG News
Chaosgroup has unveiled V-Ray for Softimage Public Beta Testing Program with support Softimage 7 2012 (64-bit supported on all platforms)

Kinect Graffity
from Behance Network
Kinect Graffiti is a digital graffiti tool using "Microsoft Kinect" camera. Idea behind this project is to use the kinect to track the motion behind graffiti.

Incredible, Invisible Effects
from FX Guide
Were there any effects in that film?!? It's something many VFX artists like to hear. With that in mind, fxguide takes a look at just a few recent releases with effects you might never have known were there

Indian VFX Artists Discuss Unionisation and Problems
from VFX Soldier
The booming VFX industry in India is running into problems. Read this thread and you'll get some very good insight into the industry there and hopefully you'll realize that no matter where you are in the world, we VFX artists go through the same problems regardless of race, income, and talent.

School Leaving Age Should be 14
from the BBC
The school leaving age should be cut to 14, former schools chief inspector Sir Chris Woodhead says.

Ofsted to Study Quality of Teaching
from the BBC
School inspections in England will give more scrutiny to the quality of teaching, in a back to basics shake-up by the Ofsted education watchdog.

Demand for Top Unis May Rise
from the BBC
Could demand for top university places go up despite higher fees?

Students' Mental Health at Risk
from the BBC
Doctors say the current generation of students has a greater risk of anxiety and depression than previous ones, amid rising debt and job uncertainty.d.

Uni Bursaries Not Drawing Poor
from the BBC
The bigger bursaries offered by wealthier universities do not necessarily attract a larger number of poorer students, says a lecturers' union's analysis of access figures.

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