News Round-Up: Monday 28th Nov 2011

News Round-Up: Monday 28th Nov 2011

Here is my usual Weekly Round-Up of News, with stories that I have picked up over the past week. If you have suggestions for stories I missed, just drop me a line or post a comment.

The full Vue 10 product line is now available
from 3D Artist Magazine
Vue 10 Complete, Studio, Esprit, Frontier, 3D Superhero, Theme-Packs and Vue 10 Pioneer are added to E-on Software’s Vue 10 product line to complete the set.

3D Artist interview: Aardman Animations
from 3D Artist Magazine
Arthur Christmas is Aardman’s latest CG film. It’s a four-year production to answer the question of one night: how does Santa deliver all those gifts on Christmas Eve?

Chaos Group releases Phoenix FD 2.0
from 3D Artist Magazine
Chaos Group holds its reputation as one of the leading developers of software solutions for the CG industry with the release of Phoenix FD 2.0, the newest version of the company’s grid-based simulator.

Pythagasaurus: Aardman's new short
from 3D World Magazine
Pythagasaurus is a funny tale about two cavemen and a dinosaur with a penchant for trigonometry.

Top tip: Make the most of specularity
from 3D World Magazine
Anders Langlands, CG supervisor at MPC, explains why specular properties are important for creating realistic materials

Mainframe works like clockwork for Harrods
from 3D World Magazine
London-based creative production studio Mainframe is responsible for creating this new spot and print advertising to promote the opening of a new watch department at Harrods.

Eye candy: Hooked
from CG Channel
Austrian studio Cybertime has relased Hooked, a nice little short about an octopus forced to take up beatboxing when his drumkit is snagged by a fisherman’s hook.

Ixor's Tsai commercial
from CG Society
They are coming in thick and fast! Here Andronikos Bisogiannis from Ixor, talks about how RealFlow was used in the Tsai commercial.

Interview with Justin Holt
from CG Society
Justin Holt is a texture painter and worked on various films like Hulk, Happy Feet, The Kingdom, Rango, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn...

The Paper Fox Project
from Behance Network
Jeremy Kool's latest project: an interactive book for the iPad & Android tablets brought to life in stunning digital paper-craft.

The Legend Of Zelda: why Link is one of the most enduring characters in videogaming
from Den of Geek
His appearance has steadily evolved over the Zelda series’ history, but Link remains one of gaming’s most enduring characters. And here's why…

Hugo review
from Den of Geek
Director Martin Scorsese brings us his latest film, an unexpected foray into family-friendly 3D. Here’s Ryan’s review of Hugo…

The current odds for the 2012 Oscars
from Den of Geek
The early odds for the 2012 Academy Awards are seeing Steven Spielberg’s War Horse playing second fiddle to a silent French movie...

New production trailer for Game Of Thrones season 2
from Den of Geek
We’re still a few months away from the return of Game Of Thrones, but this new production trailer gives you some clues as to what you can expect from season two…

Should kids learn how computers work?
from the BBC
Alex Hope of the Livingstone Hope Review and the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones discuss a campaign for changes in the education system to promote better computer skills.

Call for fast-track degree access
from the BBC
The Scottish government accuses some universities of putting up barriers to recruiting students from further education colleges.

Professor Gerald Pillay: 'England needs places like this'
from the independent
What does the future hold for a small, self-styled liberal arts college in a higher education world where next year virtually all state funding for teaching in the arts, humanities and social sciences is set to disappear?

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  • Toby Young:

    Alex, yes indeed perhaps an oversight which could be addressed I will notify the editor, thanks.

  • Alex:

    Suprised there was little mention of the death of Mark Hall (Cosgrove Hall), and Ken Russell on here and other moving image/ film websites (unless I've missed an article somewhere).

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