News Round-Up: Monday 23rd Jan 2012

News Round-Up: Monday 23rd Jan 2012

My, what a busy week! There are announcements from the likes of Pixar about their RenderMan software, interviews with London studios such as Pixomondo and the much more education controversy. Here's my pick of last week's more interesting stories.

Lead VFX studio Pixomondo shares its video breakdowns
from 3D World Magazine
Discover how brute processing power makes Martin Scorsese’s recent 3D epic adventure, Hugo, shine by viewing Pixomondo’s breakdown video.

Horror mocumentary: The Troll Hunter
from 3D World Magazine
Rune Spaans of Superrune and Lars Erik Hansen of Gimpville reveal how they helped bring Norwegian folklore to life in André Øvredal’s monster hit, The Troll Hunter.

The Making of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo title sequence
from 3D World Magazine
Blur studio reveals some of the technical challenges faced when creating the opening sequence for the film adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s award-winning crime novel.

Pixar Launches RenderMan into the Cloud
from Animation Magazine
Pixar Animation Studios today launched a new cloud-based rendering service called RenderMan On Demand.

3D Society Gives Scorsese Lloyd Award for ‘Hugo’
from Animation Magazine
The success of the 3D movie Hugo has earned filmmaker Martin Scorsese the 2012 Harold Lloyd Award from the International 3D Society in Hollywood.

BAFTA Toon Noms: ‘Tintin,’ ‘Arthur Christmas,’ ‘Rango’
from Animation Magazine
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has nominated three features for its Best Animated Film Category.

The BAFTA Award Nominations 2012
from Den of Geek
The nominations for this year's BAFTA film awards have been announced. And we've got them all for you right here...

Apple launches e-textbook tools
from the BBC
Apple has launched new interactive tools which it believes will "reinvent the textbook".

How to regulate private university fees
from the BBC
AC Grayling argued that students' comments on Facebook and Twitter - and how their degrees were accepted in the workplace - would help regulate private colleges such as the New College of the Humanities, which he set up.

Could we see more private universities?
from the BBC
Buckingham is the UK's only officially independent university, which sets its own fees, and there are calls for more like it.

Apprentice scheme heads resign
from the BBC
The chief executives leading the government's multi-billion pound apprenticeship schemes have both announced they are to step down.

Without Wikipedia, where can you get your facts?
from the BBC
Wikipedia has blacked out its English-language site for 24 hours. So how will its regular readers get information?

Exposed: University bosses' lavish expense claims
from the Indenpendent
British university chiefs are paid generous expenses to cover worldwide travel and lavish entertaining on top of salaries that are eight times the national average.

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