News Round-Up: Monday 19th Sep 2011

News Round-Up: Monday 19th Sep 2011

Following on from last week's announcement about our Weekly Round-Up of news, here are the stories that I have picked up over the past week. If you have suggestions for stories I missed, just drop me a line or post a comment.

Render Rocket launches its server rental program
from 3D Artist Magazine
Render Rocket, the advanced cloud-based rendering services company, has added this new program to its current on-demand rendering service to provide for those studios that have fixed rendering budgets and need to quickly increase their rendering power at a fraction of the cost of owning/renting entire rendering systems.

Eye candy: Dark Souls complete prologue movie
from CG Channel
Four minutes of Gothic gloom, punctuated by lovely-looking CG work. One to watch on fast forward.

Tintin - New images
from DeathFall
Take a look at these awesome images from the upcoming movie The Adventures of Tintin.

Superfad Tackles Chapman’s ‘Liar’s Autobiography’
from Animation World Magazine
Monty Python fans, rejoice! A new 3-D stereoscopic animated feature based on Monty Python trooper Graham Chapman called A Liar’s Autobiography is on its way to the EPIX premium channel in spring of 2012.

Nadav Brill releases free shader manager for Maya
from CG Channel
Use ShaderMonger to preview and back up custom shader libraries, then share them on its website.

Wacom launches the Cintiq 24HD
from 3D Artist
When 21 inches just isn’t enough, the Cintiq 24HD steps in offering the ultimate desktop experience for those craving pen-on-screen workflow.

Autodesk calls for entries for 2011 Design Viz reel
from CG Channel
Get your work seen by thousands of industry taste-makers: Maya and Mudbox artists can apply, as well.

DAZ 3D ships DAZ Studio 4 Advanced and Pro
from 3D World
New editions of the figure-posing software add advanced rendering tools, new rigging and skinning features and bridge to ZBrush.

Review: Shade Professional 12
from 3D World
3D World assesses the all-new interface and revamped toolset in this upgrade to a cult favourite.

Brand New School tempt viewers in new Cadbury’s spot
from 3D World
The new 60-second commercial for Cadbury Dairy Milk, titled ‘Icons’ features slow-motion visuals full of temptation.

Toronto Film Festival falls for the British
from The Telegraph
The UK has a strong showing at one of the biggest - and booziest - film festivals of all.

James Cameron talks about 3D’s future
from 3D World
Cameron spoke at IBC about 3D on TV, value for money and the future of 3D at the movies.

Student finance calculator
from the BBC
BBC News has designed a calculator to give students repaying loans under the new system an idea of how much it may cost them to pay off their student loans. The new repayment system applies in England and Wales - there is more detail on fees and loans around the UK here.

Our children need time not stuff
from the BBC
Why are UK children unhappiest in the developed world?

Universities merger plan mooted
from the BBC
A shake-up of the college and university system in Scotland is planned with some institutions merging, Scotland's education minister says.

Will university courses pay their way?
from the Independent
How much will it cost in fees to study full-time at university from 2012? And will it be money well spent? Most readers of The Independent will know that the figure in most cases will probably be something less than £9,000 a year and that the most sensible answer to the second question is probably "it depends".

The really free schools are online
from the Independent
The internet is often scorned for its wealth of mild amusement and inconsequential distraction, but it's still an incredible source of knowledge.

Students face new admissions system
from the Independent
Students could apply to university after receiving A-level results under proposals for a shake-up of the admissions system.

Postman Pat turned into a 3D film
from the Telegraph
Stephen Mangan and David Tennant will be the voices of a new animated film of Postman Pat.

What's New with NVIDIA and Autodesk Software
from CG Record
Check out the video that Greg Estes of NVIDIA shows off "Project Maximus" - Autodesk Maya with Fluid Simulation using the NVIDIA Quadro 6000 and NVIDIA Tesla C2075 which enables significantly accelerated graphics and simulation.

Drive: in Hollywood even the cars are stars
from the Telegraph
Robbie Collin counts the great films that got the chemistry right between a car and its driver.

Behind the Scenes of Volkswagen's Black Beetle commercial by The Mill
from CG News
Step behind the scenes to find out how The Mill visual effects studio created the CG beetle featured in the recent commercial for VW's 21st Century Beetle, which premiered during Super Bowl 2011.

Emmy awards 2011: as they happened
from the Guardian
Follow the Guardian's live coverage of the Emmy awards 2011 with Matt Wells, Sarah Hughes and Hadley Freeman in New York, with guest contributions from Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead.

Cowboys and Aliens :: Artist Profile
from CG Society
CGSociety had the opportunity to film the interview with Eddie Pasquarello while visiting Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco the other month.

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    This is a very good suggestion. In fact, so much so, that we will be doing a special feature on this very shortly.

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    BBC's new series Planet Dinosaur Episode One aired on Wednesday last week and the second episode is on tomorrow 8:30pm. VFX and 3D was done by Jellyfish Pictures.

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