News Round-Up: Monday 17th Oct 2011

News Round-Up: Monday 17th Oct 2011

Here is my usual Weekly Round-Up of News, with stories that I have picked up over the past week. If you have suggestions for stories I missed, just drop me a line or post a comment.

Vue 10 to Ship in November
from 3D Artist Magazine
Vue 10 introduces several major enhancements, including: spline and road tools, new rock technology, streamlined terrain editing, a physical water shading engine, improvements to rendering performance and artistic control.

An epic conclusion to Gears of War 3
from 3D Artist Magazine
Using a range of Autodesk’s middleware and software tools, Epic Games created a new user experience for Gears of War 3 through its highly-polished gameplay and new and expanded multiplayer modes, using Scaleform with Unreal Engine 3.

The Mill Creates Angelic Wings for Lynx Ad
from 3D World Magazine
The Mill works its magic to create a heavenly new falling angels spot.

DQ Entertainment Announces Post-MIPCOM Deals
from Animation Magazine
India’s animation powerhouse DQ Entertainment has announced its impressive list of post-MIPCOM market co-pro and distribution deals.

Aardman Herds New 'Shaun the Sheep' Game
from Animation Magazine
Aardman Digital will release a second installment of its hit online game Home Sheep Home following the huge success of the first game, which reached 100 million plays in just over 18 months.

Autodesk buys point cloud developer Alice Labs
from CG Channel
Creator of the Studio Clouds point cloud editing tool for 3ds Max and Maya enters the Autodesk empire.

Dyslexia in Artists and Computer Graphics
from CGSociety
In the field of computer graphics, animation and simulation, dyslexic artists and technologists are often leading innovators.

Interview with Francesco Corvino
from CGSociety
TideArt has an interview with Francesco Corvino, a concept artist and matte painter from Italy.

Project Geppetto allows 3DS Max users to easily add crowds to scenes
from Autodesk Labs
Autodesk Project Geppetto is an early-stage research project that explores making it easy, fast, and fun to add crowds to 3ds Max scenes.

Dvein: Eva Main Titles
from Motionographer
So delicate, and so slick. Dvein puts together a stunning title sequence for Spanish film director Kike Maíllo’s first feature film, Eva. Go fullscreen on this!

Student number fall blamed on EMA
from the BBC
Almost half of England's further education colleges have seen a decline in student numbers - with the scrapping of allowances being blamed.

University staff in strike ballot
from The Independent
Thousands of staff in universities, ranging from academics to cleaners, are to be balloted for strikes after the breakdown of pay talks, it was announced today.

Government plans a new league table – of students
from The Independent
Pupils face being given a national ranking from first to up to nearly 90,000th in A-level exams to help universities select the brightest candidates from thousands of top-grade passes.

Blogging experts share their secrets
from Digital Artist Magazine
Most illustrators have an art blog, but it tends to languish on their site for only hardcore fans (and art magazine editors) to find and look at. Wouldn’t it be great if you could engage more readers and show them your best pieces, your doodles and the process behind your work?

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