News Round-Up: Monday 10th Oct 2011

News Round-Up: Monday 10th Oct 2011

Here is my usual Weekly Round-Up of News, with stories that I have picked up over the past week. If you have suggestions for stories I missed, just drop me a line or post a comment.

Curious times for Conduit Productions
from 3D World Magazine
Conduit unleash a curiosity monster in this animated tale for Cape Town's Graduate School of Business

Krakatoa provides smoking FX for Rubber Soul ad
from 3D World Magazine
Advertising studio Lab81 create smoking effects in a new project for Italian shoe brand OXS

Keeping Toons Alive in Old Blighty
from Animation Magazine
Although many U.K. TV animation producers are disheartened about the bleak economic climate and lack of government support, they continue to follow the country's much-admired tradition of excellence.

'Nos Amis' Across the Sea
from Animation Magazine
How the French government is bolstering international animated co-productions, plus a whirlwind tour of top toon houses.

Must-Sees at the MIPCOM Market
from Animation Magazine
Each October, thousands of TV programming execs, buyers, animation producers and children's entertainment pros gather at the MIPCOM market in France (Oct. 3-6) to buy and sell programming for the never-ending global appetite for content.

France TV and Ubisoft Let 'Raving Rabbids' Out of Hat
from Animation Magazine
France Televisions and Ubisoft Motion Pictures are moving forward in producing a new CG-animated series based on the popular game franchise Raving Rabbids.

'KFP 2' Director Nelson Honored by LA Femme Fest
from Animation Magazine
The LA Femme Film Festival has announced its Award Honorees for the seventh edition of the fest, set for Oct. 13-16.

Singapore's DCH Announces $100m Animation Fund
from Animation Magazine
Singapore-based investment company DCH Capital has revealed a new $100 million fund to invest in IP creation in the animation, games and computer graphics sectors.

Adobe adds new 3D features to Flash Player 11
from CG Channel
New Stage3D API to bring 'console quality' gaming to Flash. But for now, here are some pretty particle tests.

Autodesk Flame Premium - Relighting: Total Control in Finishing
from CG Record
Light is fundamental to everything you do in compositing. The new relighting tools in the Action 3D compositing environment in Autodesk Flame Premium can change the way you work with light, color, and volume.

Adobe Touch Apps Redefine Creative Software
from CG Record
At its MAX 2011 technology conference, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® Touch Apps, a family of six, intuitive touch screen applications, designed for Android tablets and Apple iPad that enable anyone to explore ideas and present their creativity anytime, anywhere.

Double Negative and Captain America
from Death Fall
Charlie Noble talks about his role in Captain America.

Dredd movie: director dismissed, locked out of editing room?
from Den of Geek
A report has emerged that suggests the big screen return of Judge Dredd is in big trouble...

US dominates university rankings
from the BBC
Three out of the top 10 universities in the world are in the UK, according to a global list headed by US universities.

Uni degree and visa scam exposed
from the BBC
The UK Border Agency investigates a scam exposed by BBC Wales where overseas students are helped to cheat their way to UK degrees and visas.

Concerns over uni degree changes
from the BBC
Around 70,000 students around the world face uncertainty after the University of Wales announced plans to stop validating degree courses.

A-levels no guide to best students, says Professor AC Grayling
from the Indenpendent
A-level results cannot be relied on to determine university admissions, a leading academic said yesterday.

Annual tuition fee averages £7,000
from the Indenpendent
Students from the rest of the UK who go to Scotland to get their degree face an average annual fee of just under £7,000 a year, it was revealed today.

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