Rotoscoping legend vists Escape - you coming?

Rotoscoping legend vists Escape - you coming?

On Wednesday Aug 7th rotoscoping guru Martin Body, whose work spans from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Casino Royale to Skyfall, is speaking at our Open Day about his epic career in the world of Visual Effects. Pre-digital, Martin was an optical and rostrum cameraman and even used to roto by hand using paper and scissors to create matts back in the day!

Are you wowed by this fact or VFX-terminologied out? If the latter then great! This talk is perfect for you.

You'll be able to ask those burning questions about your own career choices and grill our admissions team about the right job roles for you. Are you a natural Compositor or 3D Artist? Maybe you're not even100% sure what Composititng is? Even better. Martin will explain what it's all about, remembering his own rise to the top and giving you those words of encouragment which make all the difference when you're questioning whether a career in this visually mind-blowing industry is for you.

So register your place at the Open Day, come armed with your questions and be prepared to be wowed. The Open Day is taking place at our Shepherds Bush Head Quarters and there'll be free coffee, OJ and hoards of pastries. Our Open Days fill quickly so you won't be able to turn up on the day, make sure you reserve your place with one of our team.

See you there!

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