Pictures surfaced yesterday from the set of the Robocop remake, to be released in August 2013 - "very exciting!" I hear you say. Well for most of us it is! 

An overwhelming amount of unhappy Tweeters, Facebookers and bloggers alike, took to their keyboards over the weekend - unleashing a tirade of distain on the new costume design, placing it firmly in the shadows of the iconic suit from the original 1987 film.

Someone tweeted "the suit looks like the love child of Batman... and a bowling ball”.  As outrageous as this analogy sounds, check out this picture – it’s not a bad description!

Many fans however are counteracting this feeling of anger, and justifiably so. Down to the fact that no script details have been announced as of yet, don’t judge a book by its cover, film fans!

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Robert Broadbent
Mon 17 Sep 2012: 1:00pm

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  • Daron W:

    If ever a film deserved to disappear without a trace, it's this one. UTTER UTTER crap. And I have not even seen one frame of film yet.

    Nor, should I add, do I intend to.

  • chris hodge:

    i am not sure. it looks like a mix of iron man and bat men! just with out the cape!

  • DHW:

    There's just too many remakes or reboots these days. Is it the lack of good ideas or just the safety of reusing past successes.

    In terms of the new suit, I have to agree with someone calling it a stealth bomber batman, just doesn't look right. The original is just iconic compared to this new version.

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