Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: Week 9

Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: Week 9

Having started a VFX course here at Escape Studios, I’m keeping a diary to share with you how the course is going so far. And here's an update on week nine

Day 41

Artificial Sun and Light. I missed today as I was recovering from the flu, like many others!

Day 42

Texturing using Camera Mapping. Today we learnt to bake textures and take them into photoshop to produce cloned textures. Was really useful and I think many will incorporate this into their projects. I'm trying to find a way of using this technique myself so I can practice it.

Day 43

Introduction to Nuke, Lemsip Man. We learnt a new software today and also learnt a fair bit about compositing. Was a fun lesson for all.

Day 44

Rotoscoping. We learnt how to rotoscope some film footage. Basically we cut around part of the movie and were able to place cg behind although we didnt go that far. We cleaned up some characters from a green screen backdrop.

Day 45

Render Passes. 32 bit images today. gamma correcting and using MIA materials. I found this really complicated but we got a recipe from our tutor and I'm sure we are all going to use it a lot. This is a lesson I'd like to revisit with the studio assistant after class.

All in all -  a fun week. Started with  illness and ended with joy from doing project work. Loved the week I had and wish I could do it over again. I can't believe this stage of the course is almost over.

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