Robin Squires VFX course diary: Week 8

Robin Squires VFX course diary: Week 8

Having started a VFX course here at Escape Studios, I’m keeping a diary to share with you how the course is going so far. And here's an update on week eight.

Week 8

Day 36:

Linear workflow & 3 point lighting. We learnt lots today and very worthwhile too. Gamma correcting all 8bit colour textures. All I learnt today was completely new to me. In fact I had never heard of anything I was learning and didnt realise it was a problem present in my last project, which I can go back to and correct now for better overall results. Project work was going at a steady pace and it was exciting to look around at everyone elses projects in full flow.

Day 37:

Ill. Panic stations! I caught a bug and I'm scared of missing out. Nothing I can do but go to the doctor and try to recover asap.

Day 38:

Ill, still. Really nervous about missing out so I called in to arrange a extra tutorial with the studio assistant when I get back. He kindly agreed to bring me back up to speed and I am so very grateful for him going the extra mile to help me catch up.

Day 39:

Back to health, almost. Jumped in half way through a lighting tutorial using a shader which i never knew existed in Maya. I had to load some script to unlock a hidden shader, all very exciting. It's so straight forward and the most complete shader in Maya that I've seen so far. Was a pleasant surprise. Project work went well and I booked a steadycam and camera to shoot my backplate for project 2.

Day 40:

Project work today. I went out and bought a torch or two to test run an idea I was given for my project. It turned out with great results and I'm excited about learning how to achieve what I saw Mark showing me with Nuke. The project has got me really excited and I'm going to add extra detail to my objects this weekend and hope for the best when shooting the backplate on Monday. Fingers crossed.


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