Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: WEEK 6

Robin Squires VFX Course Diary: WEEK 6

Having started a VFX course here at Escape Studios, I’m keeping a diary to share with you how I’ve been getting on so far. And here's an update on week six.

Day twenty six:
Today I learnt to create render layers from nil to a complete set. I wrote down how to do this so I have a copy to refer to anytime. Happy with the notes I took as I was able to recreate the lesson after, while creating render layers for my project. Also learnt how to create a depth layer (for point of focus and depth of field) from a Studio Assistant who was really helpful.

Day twenty seven:
Animation today. We learnt how to animate a sphere to appear as a bouncing ball. I worked with graph editors and took animation one step closer to being mastered. Very exciting day. In the afternoon I worked on my project and decided to add graffiti to the materials to make it more interesting and realistic. It turned out really well but when I displayed it on the projector the black was hard to see. I made a bad choice for a presentation and will know to steer clear of largely black or white areas next time. It looks great on the computer monitor though so I'm happy to have it for my showreel. A Studio Assistant said all is not lost as the gamma could be boosted on the projector, so panic over.

Day twenty eight:
Animation again today. This time we animated a bowling ball rolling down the stairs. We used the graph editor, which is now my friend, to control keyframes and adjust the balls movement to be more realistic. I found a fault with the UVs on my project work so I corrected the error and it is truly complete now. Phew!

Day twenty nine:
Project work today. I managed to take the afternoon off as I had finished ahead of schedule so I spent the day with my wife and son. I found myself thinking about my project all day. I've even been dreaming about moving vertices!

Day thirty:
Today we all finished off our work and converted PSD's to Tiffs for the presentation. I got good feedback and feel a real sense of achievement. It looks so real. I had a great time watching the other students work and look forward to taking on projects with video back plates. I'm excited about the next 6 weeks.

In case you missed week four in this series of blogs, take a look here.

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